Harmonelo Relax

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Harmonelo RELAX is a true balm for our nervous system, deep regeneration and quality sleep. It strengthens immunity and supplies the body with key ingredients from highly valuable substances such as CBD, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 or microbially activated ginger.

RELAX is a liquid dietary supplement based on corn fibre, which has strong prebiotic effects and becomes a hearty food for our friendly bacteria in the gut.

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Harmonelo RELAX

Mental well-being under control

Harmonelo RELAX is a liquid dietary supplement whose main ingredient is pure hemp oil with natural CBD content. Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA), which come from fish oil, are also a very important component. Fatty acids are essential for overall health and well-being. They are important to the human body because they are part of every living cell in the body. It also contains vitamin B6, which supports the proper functioning of the immune system and contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system. Microbially activated (fermented) ginger is characterized by its anti-inflammatory action due to the modification of bacterial enzymes. It is based on concentrated soluble fibre from corn, which is highly digestible by the intestinal microbiota and therefore has a strong prebiotic effect, i.e. it supports friendly intestinal bacteria.


What it contributes to:

  • Proper functioning of the psyche and nervous system
    Quality regeneration
    Strengthens the immune system
    Maintaining normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels
    Supports friendly gut bacteria
    Normal function of blood circulation and respiratory system


Main advantages:

  • High bioavailability of active ingredients
    100% SOY free
    No artificial colours
    Gluten free
    Gluten free
    Lactose free
    Low glycemic index
    No artificial sweeteners
    No pollutants
    Sweetened with soluble fibre from corn



CBD konopný olej (2 %), rybí olej s obsahem omega-3 mastných kyselin ve formě triacylglycerolů a mastných kyselin, vitamín B6 (pyridoxin hydrochlorid), fermentovaný zázvor, rozpustná vláknina z kukuřice, zahušťovadlo, konzervanty, stévie (sladidlo), kyselina citrónová, přírodní aromata jahoda a borůvka.



  • 20 ml twice daily (at any time of the day), can be taken neat or in combination with another drink.
  • This is a dietary supplement that is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women, children under 3 years of age.
    It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.
    Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Shake before use. Sediment is not harmful.
  • Storage: store in a dry and dark place at a temperature of 2-8°C. Use within 30 days after opening.

Table of nutritional values

ValuesContent per 100g
Energy 548,4kJ / 130,9kcal
Fats 6,25g
Sugars 4,46g
Proteins 0g



CBD hemp oil harmonizes the natural processes in the body. The truth is that it has a beneficial effect and has been the subject of numerous studies. Hemp oil is cold pressed from seeds with naturally concentrated CBD.   The oil is made from legal hemp varieties and contains a cocktail of cannabinoids. THCA less than 0.005% by weight, delta 9-THC 0.029% by weight. It has no psychoactive effects and is not addictive.



The importance of omega-3 fatty acids, especially the long-chain ones known as EPA and DHA, is crucial for us. Omega-3 fatty acids are a group of essential fatty acids that are indispensable to our bodies. The body can only produce a limited amount of omega-3 fatty acids on its own, so we must supply them to the body through food. Omega-3 fatty acids protect the heart and blood vessels and play a key role in our daily functioning. They contribute to the maintenance of normal brain and vision function. 


Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin)

Vitamin B6 is a vitamin that is soluble in water. All forms of vitamin B6 can occur in food and are absorbed into the intestine. Greater amounts of the vitamin are needed by people who have a large protein intake (professional athletes) or women taking hormonal contraceptives. Larger doses help the production of red blood cells, normal nervous system function or proper mental function. It plays a very important role in movement, energy and blood flow. Pyridoxine is helpful for our proper functioning, harmony and good mood.


Microbially activated (fermented) ginger

Many studies have been published on the effects of ginger. Microbially activated ginger is the result of a cascade of controlled fermentations where ginger is gradually activated by selected probiotic bacteria. These bacteria gradually convert the active ingredients from ginger into supermolecules that have significantly higher absorption and efficacy. It contributes to the normal function of the digestive and respiratory system. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and anti-nausea properties. Promotes proper muscle tone.


Soluble fibre

A new generation of soluble corn fibre. It has a strong prebiotic effect, i.e. it promotes the multiplication of friendly bacteria in our gut. It helps in all parts of the gut, both small and large. In the large intestine, they also increase butyrate production. Butyrate is a very beneficial substance for our body. It also serves as a source of energy for the cells of the intestinal mucosa, thus helping to restore its integrity (whole).


Sweet stevia

Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America. The main strength of stevia is hidden in its leaves and stems, which contain the substance stevioside. This is 200-300 times sweeter than sucrose and has negligible energy content. For centuries, stevia has been and is used in natural medicine, which is why we have chosen steviol glycosides as a sweetener.


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