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Harmonelo GREEN is an exceptional liquid supplement consisting of green superfoods such as chlorella, spirulina or young barley. The amazing composition of this product offers a unique added value especially in the field of natural detoxification and cleansing of our body. GREEN is very rich in natural proteins, nutrients, antioxidants, minerals or vitamins and provides a real support for our body and immune system.

GREEN is a fiber-based liquid dietary supplement made from fructooligosaccharides, which as a prebiotic effectively nourishes our friendly gut bacteria.

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Harmonelo GREEN

Natural cleansing

Harmonelo GREEN is a unique liquid dietary supplement to support digestion, the body's immune system and detoxification of our body. The product is developed as a varied cocktail of fiber and nutrients from green superfoods, including chlorella, spirulina and green barley. An important ingredient is also a blend of microbially activated fruit and vegetable juices from 35 fruits and vegetables with a high content of polyphenols and flavonoids. GREEN also contains a combination of concentrated soluble fibre from corn, fructooligosaccharide-based fibre and insoluble pectic apple and citrus fibre. This mix is strongly prebiotic, so it is a great support for friendly gut bacteria and our gut microbiome.


What it contributes to:

  • Overall stimulation of the body and normal function of the immune system
    Purification of the body
    Proper functioning of the body and replenishment of vitamins and minerals
    Calming digestion and alkalizing the body
    Promoting proper intestinal peristalsis


Main advantages:

  • High bioavailability
    Contains a natural source of chlorophyll
    100% vegan
    100% free of artificial colours
    Gluten free
    Lactose free
    Low glycemic index
    100% free of artificial sweeteners



Green barley juice 0,5g, Chlorella sp. 0,1g, Spirulina sp. 0,1g, apple fiber 0,2g, citrus fiber 0,2g, fermented juices (apple, carrot, mulberry, radish, pineapple, orange, lemon, beetroot, plum, passion fruit/ passion fruit, watermelon, curcurrant, grapefruit, grape, peach, acerola, cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, chokecherry/black cranberry, blackcurrant, gooseberry, blueberry, pear, pomegranate, banana, papaya, lychee, tomato, asparagus, jujube/cyclamen, sugar melon, hawthorn and broccoli) 0.2g. , thickener, stevia (sweetener), preservatives, citric acid, lime, banana, mango, pineapple flavouring.



  • 20 ml twice daily; ideally in the morning and evening; can be taken neat or combined with another drink.
  • This is a dietary supplement that is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women, children under 3 years of age.
    It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.
    Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Shake before use. Sediment is not harmful.
  • Storage: store in a dry and dark place at a temperature of 2-8°C. Use within 30 days after opening.

Table of nutritional values

ValuesContent per 100g
Energy 227kJ / 53kcal
Fats 0,2g
Sugars 1g
Proteins 1,1g



The green microscopic unicellular alga Chlorella can be found in clusters (and singly) in fresh and salt water. Chlorella has the highest chlorophyll content of any known green plant. Chlorella contains CGF, which is Chlorella Growth Factor, which literally has a rejuvenating effect. It contributes to the cleansing of the body (removes heavy metals from the body), has a positive effect on the proper function of digestion and normal liver function. Chlorella has a high content of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and other important substances. It is popularly used as a superfood and added to smoothies, shakes and various dishes and desserts. The high efficiency of our Chlorella SP is due to a special form of treatment called disintegration. Thanks to this process, the cell walls of chlorella are disrupted - the contents of these cells are then easily digestible, have a high bioavailability and thus have a beneficial effect on the human body. Did you know that humans are not normally able to digest algae, and that without the disintegration process it can pass through the human digestive tract without effect?


Spirulina is a blue-green freshwater cyanobacteria (cyanobacteria) in the shape of a spiral, hence its name. It is one of the most evolutionarily ancient organisms, estimated to be approximately 3.5 billion years old. Its influence on us and our planet is undeniable - it was responsible for the release of oxygen in the formation of the Earth's atmosphere. It has been used by humans since time immemorial, by the Aztecs and is even mentioned in the writings of Christopher Columbus. Spirulina is characterised by a specific intense taste. Its bluish colour is due to chlorophyll and phycocyanin. Its nutritional values are also interesting. Spirulina is rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. In addition, it is one of the foods that contain the highest amount of protein in the plant kingdom. It contains 18 of the 22 amino acids that the body needs. It is used in weight control, as an antioxidant and helps to support natural immunity and normal blood sugar levels.

Green barley juice

Green barley juice is obtained by gently pressing the shoots of young barley (Hordeum vulgare). The juice is rich in chlorophyll and antioxidants (flavonoids), ferulic acid and contains gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Green barley is a good source of important minerals and vitamins. Green barley juice contributes to the overall stimulation of the body due to its vitamin and mineral content. In Japan, people drink a drink made from green barley juice called 'aojiru' (which includes young barley). This green drink is widely consumed to maintain health. In our country, young barley is popularly used as an ingredient in many smoothies.

Apple fibre

Apple pulp (apple pectin) is made from apple peels, which are dried and then ground into a fine powder. It is a natural product without any other additives. This soluble fibre helps to keep our intestines clean and promotes peristalsis. Consumption of apple fiber induces a feeling of satiety.

Citrus pulp

Citrus fiber offers us a wide range of beneficial effects, especially on our digestion. In addition, it is tasty and has an amazing prebiotic effect. It is well tolerated and at the same time increases satiety. Clinical studies point to its physiological benefits: it helps maintain regular intestinal peristalsis.

Microbially activated (fermented) fruit and vegetable juices

This is a blend of microbially activated fruit and vegetable juices from 35 fruits and vegetables with a high content of polyphenols and flavonoids. An amazing cocktail of natural substances that have high bioavailability and efficacy due to activation by controlled multi-stage fermentation (fermentation). What is meant by controlled fermentation? The juices are gradually fermented by the action of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria and are a powerful source of microfibre, which has a strong prebiotic effect.

Sweet stevia

Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America. The main strength of stevia is hidden in its leaves and stems, which contain the substance stevioside. This is 200-300 times sweeter than sucrose and has negligible energy content. For centuries, stevia has been and is used in natural medicine, which is why we have chosen steviol glycosides as a sweetener.


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